2017 Programme of Walks

We look forward to welcoming you
on our tours this summer

For meeting points and times please follow these links to Brentford, to Chiswick, and to Isleworth.

All start at 2.30 p.m.

All walks arrive back at the starting point except where ‘+’ is shown.

Once only tours for 2017 :
* The Changing Face of Brentford +
* Strand on the Green
* Chiswick Mall +
* Isleworth Graveyard to Cemetery
* Battles of Brentford +
* Chiswick’Bodies and Ghosts’


29th Bank Holiday MondayThe Changing Face of Brentford +


4th Isleworth Riverside
4th Chiswick Village
18th Strand on the Green
25th Old Brentford
25th Isleworth – Pauper to Patient +


2nd Isleworth Riverside
2nd Brentford Road, Rail & Canal
16th Chiswick Mall +
30th Old Brentford
30th Chiswick Village

Strand on the Green


6th Isleworth Riverside
6th Brentford Road Rail & Canal
13th Isleworth – Graveyard to Cemetery 
27th Chiswick Village
27th Isleworth – Pauper to Patient +


3rd Isleworth Riverside
3rd Brentford Road Rail & Canal
16th / 17th  OPEN HOUSE
24th Chiswick Village
24th Old Brentford


1st Isleworth Riverside
1st Brentford Road Rail & Canal
15th Battles of Brentford 
29th Chiswick ‘Bodies & Ghosts’
29th Isleworth – Pauper to Patient +

Download link for pdf file for 2017 walks