2019 Programme of Walks

For meeting points and times please follow these links to Brentford, to Chiswick, to Houslow Heath, and to Isleworth

2nd Isleworth Riverside
2nd Chiswick Village
16th * Chiswick Churchyard

22nd June (Saturday)
National Civic Day :
Walks in Brentford and Isleworth

30th Brentford Road Rail & Canal
30th +Isleworth Pauper to Patient

7th Isleworth Riverside
7th +Chiswick Mall
14th * Isleworth Graveyard to Cemetery
28th Old Brentford

4th Isleworth Riverside
4th Chiswick Village
18th *+Brentford Riverside
25th Brentford Road Rail & Canal
25th +Isleworth Pauper to Patient

1st Isleworth Riverside
1st +Chiswick Mall
29th Old Brentford
29th +Isleworth Pauper to Patient

All start at 2.30 p.m.
All walks arrive back at the starting point except where ‘+’ is shown.

6th Isleworth Riverside
6th Chiswick Village
20th * Hounslow Heath
27th Brentford Road Rail & Canal
27th * Chiswick Ghosts & Bodies

Once only tours for 2019 :

  • Brentford Riverside
  • Chiswick Churchyard
  • Isleworth Graveyard to Cemetery
  • Hounslow Heath
  • Chiswick Bodies & Ghosts